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Mrs. Miller's Christmas Party

December 21, 2012
Today Max's class had their Christmas Party.  We had lots of fun with all the parents and kiddos.  Mrs. Miller had stations set up with parents to help with each craft.  We made Christmas trees with ice cream cones, green icing, and candies; reindeer ornaments with Popsicle sticks; and treats for the birds with pine cones, peanut butter and birdseed.  The class enjoyed snacks and sweets while they were visiting the food table.  Each kid got to open a present that was a book they had chosen from a list earlier in the month.  We all got to enjoy thanking Mrs. Miller for her time and dedication as she received her many gifts.  I so lucky to be able to go to these special events with Max.  It is such a privilege to able to build special bonds with each kid at this young age.  I am excited to watch them grow and mature into fine young men and women. 


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