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A Grayton Thursday

April 3, 2013
Rehearsal Day

Today was a great day on the beach.  The sun was warm and we were able to play and enjoy the sand.  After a day full of beach fun, we all got dressed for rehearsal and dinner.  Since the wedding is going to be simple there was not much to rehearse tonight.  It was a great excuse for a big dinner.  We had some yummy filets, shrimp, and fish off the grill.  Big Daddy and Jon did a fabulous job with all the grilling.  Dinner was gorgeous with the sun setting in the background with the water.  It was warm enough that we were able to sit and eat on the decks and watch nature's beauty.  The laid back atmosphere gave way for easy introductions and getting to know Jessica's family.  Ryan's Grandma and Grandpa even made the trip for the wedding.  Late in the night, Grandma even got in a game of dominoes with everyone.  I think we are all excited for the wedding tomorrow.  

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