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A Grayton Wedding Day

April 4, 2014

Jessica and Ryan's wedding day went beautifully.  There were a few moments of worry as dark clouds rolled by, but it proved to pass on by with minimal showers.  It was a neat experience to be on the beach in the house where the wedding was taking place.  We enjoyed the beach the first part of the day and then starting preparing for the wedding.  

Due to Amanda's bedrest, Chance, Logan, and herself were unable to make the trip.  Before the wedding we Facetimed her and walked around the house.  She was able to see all the decorations and set up.  Then at wedding time we called again so that they could be "at" the wedding.  It was very sad to watch her have to see her brother's wedding via Facetime.  Although, I am super thankful for the technology that allowed her to witness the event.

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