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Max Acheivements

April 20, 2014

We are really proud of Max with his spring semester.  He is studying and working hard at school and has kept up his grades.  After the 3rd nine weeks he remains on the Straight A Honor Roll.  Recently, he was chosen from his class for Shining Star Award.  With this award he got the opportunity of placing his hand print on the wall near the office.  He was excited about this because it has been a goal since he started school.  Also this spring, Max has been faithful with his tithing.  He does this on his own and gives a portion of his allowance each Sunday.  We are excited that he is growing in his Christian life and following the principles he is learning.  This faithfulness was noticed by one of our Pastors.  He took time and wrote Max a letter thanking him for his obedience.  I am thankful for him sending Max the note because it helps solidify what they are being taught.  We are excited to see where life takes our little boy.  Hopefully we are planting seeds that will last a lifetime.

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