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House Disaster

April 7, 2014

We came back from the beach on Sunday and I had taken Monday off work to get everything unpacked and straightened.  My day turned out very differently.  As I walked down the hall that morning I stepped in water.  I took another step and hit water.  I first reflex was to yell at Molly our dog.  Next I looked at my feet and saw the wet stream coming from the living room.  As I rounded the corner I was the culprit.  Our 150 gallon fish tank had popped a line off the filter and emptied into our floor.  I immediately grapped the phone and told Jay to come quick and bring lots of equipment.  I so glad he works at Servpro because we were facing a water damage of our very own.  The next several weeks turned out to be a mess.  We had to rip up all our carpet, tear out the bottom half of the wall that the aquarium was against, remove and replace insulation, and various other things.  It was not fun to live through, but the result was the upgrades that we have been planning to do. I love the outcome of the disaster, but it was a real pain and stressor to live through for three weeks as we prepared for our first Disney trip.

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