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A Grayton Wednesday

April 2, 2014

Finally by Wednesday morning we are all here in Grayton.  (Except for poor Amanda and family. . . she is at home trying to keep herself on the couch for bedrest.)  Tuesday night I drove to Panama City Beach Airport to pick up Max and Jay.  They flew down after school and work.  Now they will get to enjoy the rest of the week with us.  Josh, Holly, and Charlotte also got here today.  It is great having everyone here together.  As soon as Max got up he headed down to the water.  With it being April the water and air is still pretty cool.  It feels good as long as the sun is shining on you.  Just don't get in the shade!!  It gets cold really quick in the shade.  Since the water is a little cool to swim, we have had fun playing on the beach today.  Max and I have had some paddle ball competitions and we have spent lots of time just hanging out together.  It is relaxing to be able to sit and talk.  

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