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Destin Sunday

July 10, 2011
Sunday was a full day of sun and surf!
Jay and Jess

Big Daddy and Mary Kate
Mary Kate loved the waves today.  She still wasn't crazy about the sand, but begged to go out in the water.  Once out of the crashing waves, she would say "weeee" and you swam her around in little circles. 
Brushing Logan's hair with the sand rake
Logan and mKate spent most of the week in a little blow up pool that we filled with water each morning.  They loved putting all the sand toys in and using them in the water.  In this photo she was styling Logan's hair for the day with the sand rake.  Poor Logan, she took care of him all week.
Jon on the prowl

After the attack on JP
My brothers will never grow up!  Multiple times during the week they staked each other out and wrestled in the sand and water.  Max was cute because he just didn't get it.  He kept asking why they were fighting.  He just couldn't understand that they have always behaved like that.  It was cute to watch the love they share!

Amanda, Logan, and mKate chilling in the pool

Dollar bills on the ceiling
 We went to a new place for our group for dinner on Sunday.  It is a local Irish Pub that was totally cool with great food.  The neatest part of the restaurant were the dollar bills.  Every ceiling, rafter, beam, pole, column, and most walls were covered with bills signed by customers.  They said that there was over a million dollars hanging in the air.  How interesting!  It was mind boggling to look at and read what people had written on their dollars.  The food was also good which made the experience one that I hope we repeat in future trips.

Max's favorite meal . . . octopus

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