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Our Girls in the Fair

August 2, 2011
Last week, Gindy got the crazy idea that we needed to put our little beauties in the local fair.  After days of convincing, I agreed to participate with her.  It was only a million and one degrees that night, but the girls handled it like champs.  Mary Kate loves to get dressed up with her tutu dress and pretty shoes and bow.  She had no problem getting ready for the fair.  Kerrigan was adorable in her monogrammed pillowcase dress and big bow.  Both girls enjoyed meeting the other little ones while we waited in line.  To both of our surprise, they each did a great job sitting in our laps waiting for our turn.  They didn't whine or wrestle to get up.  I think they were both stunned and trying to figure out what in the world we were doing to them.  When it was our turn, though, Mary Kate would not look up or make eye contact with anyone.  She just stared at the ground and played on my legs.  Kerrigan looked around, but didn't care to interact except for a very short version of peek a boo.  Oh well, now we can say we have done it and put the pictures in their baby books.  We laughed and laughed at all the crying babies surrounding us while our girls stared into space.  Neither of them placed, but it was a must have experience if you have a little girl.  Max was upset that they didn't win.  When we got home, he went to his room and got his t-ball trophy from this year.  He brought it to the kitchen and presented it to Mary Kate.  He said that he thought she should win so she needed a trophy.  She giggled and took it from his hands.  Too sweet, he loves her so much!  Thanks for twisting my arm, Gindy, I had lots of fun!

Mary Kate and Kerrigan

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