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A Neighboring Fair

August 12, 2011
This weekend we all headed out to a fair in a nearby county.  It is huge with a variety of activities, foods, booths, and of course rides.  The kids got to pet animals such as alpacas and horses.  Mary Kate loved petting the tiny ponies.  She just giggled each time it moved.  Trace enjoyed getting kisses from the alpacas.
Trace, Jacob, and Ashton
Max was still too short to ride everything this year.  He didn't like that, but it was okay with me since I got the other hand stamp for unlimited riding.  I love that I get to ride with him, but all the round and round and round begins to spin my head after a few.  His height gives a chance to rest in between when he can't ride what the bigger kids are riding.   I love having the babies of the family!
Jess and Max
Max and I were riding a ride nest to the cars when I noticed Lee's head going around on the baby cars.  I thought what is he doing, then I noticed . . . . Mary Kate wanted to ride.  Just in case you haven't realized it . . . if she wants something . . .Unk Lee makes sure she gets it . . .even if it means him riding in the backseat with his legs wrapped around his neck.  She loved the cars!  She was grinning ear to ear each time she passed us. 
Unk Lee and Mary Kate

Grandma, Jonathan, Hunter, Deanne, Jacob, and Max

mKate was excited!

Jess and Max on the Ferris wheel

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