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Destin Thursday

July 14, 2011
During our trip to the beach Jay and I celebrated our TEN year wedding anniversary.  Jay planned out a day full of surprises for me and Bebe and Big Daddy kept the kidos at the beach.  When we left the condo we went out for breakfast and mochas and then headed over to our first adventure.  Jay had booked us a jet ski tour to see the dolphins.  It was a blast!  We got to run up and down the coast line bouncing over the waves.  The guide found dolphins at the end of a pier down the shore and we all got to capture them in pictures.  I didn't get any awesome pictures, but you can see it's fin in the photo below. 
Getting ready for our tour . . . check out what number jet ski we got!!

Dolphin ---->; over there
After the tour, we went out to eat lunch at our favorite local restaurant, Dewey Destin's.  I love their crab dip with crackers, so I decided that would be my lunch.  Whoa!  It was great!  Once we finished we headed back to the condo to spend some time on the beach with the kidos.  I had asked Jay to please let us spend some time in the sand with the kids on our day.  I couldn't give it up . . . we just have too much fun together.  When we got back we found Mary Kate and Big Daddy playing and guess what . . . Max was boogie boarding.
Mary Kate loving to "WEEE" with her Big Daddy

The brothers are at it again

This time Jon lost his wedding band . . . .
Josh and Jon got into another playful scuffle on the beach.  They rolled, tossed sand, and dunked each other until they discovered something was gone . . . . Jon came up missing his wedding band.  Poor Jon!  He was sick over it.  I even witnessed him attempting to remove Josie's toe ring to wear because he felt so lost without his band.  Max got really confused over the issue too.  He asked me "What will happen to Aunt Josie?"  I said, "What do you mean, Bud?"  He replied, "Uncle Jon lost his wedding ring."  I laughed and explained that they are still married and will have to buy a new ring.  Precious.  Have I ever said how much I love that little guy?  He was so worried that we would just toss Josie to the sharks, I guess.
Josie's expression when she finds out what they are looking for

Unk P and Aunt Holly
Mary Kate and Aunt Holly really bonded this trip.  They found a mutual love of lipgloss and make up.  She loved Holly's cupcake lip gloss and would stick her tongue out everytime Holly had it.  One night while we were getting ready for dinner, Holly treated her to a little blush and whatever else Mary Kate found in her bag.  Little Cuties!  Mary Kate is a girlie girl.  She loves lipgloss, shoes, and hair bows!
Fun with the underwater camera

Siblings in the sand

I think Logan has Ryan's skin coloring . . . don't you?  LOL!

Our family after 10 yrs
Wow!   10 yrs!  Look how far we've made it , baby!  After some time on the sand, Jay and I headed in to clean up for some more surprises.  All the info I had about the evening was to be ready at 5:30.  Once ready, we headed out and went back to the docks.  Here Jay and I walked around until he stopped me in front of a beautiful catamaran.  He said, "This is it!  Just like our honeymoon 10 yrs ago in Barbados."  Neat-o!  A sunset catamaran cruise and fireworks display.  We loved it and it was so much fun to remineice over the years and about our honeymoon.
Getting ready to leave dock on the catamaran

Yummy!  Anniversary out . . . Harry T's Destin Seafood Plate

Fireworks over the Bay Bridge as we close the first decade of our lives together!

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