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Cookie Party

December 10, 2011
Saturday morning we went to a cookie party at a friend's house.  Brandi and Mark's kidos go to the same church preschool as Max during the week.  We enjoyed the morning at their house with several other friends and kids.  Brandi did an amazing job with the cookies and organization of sprinkles and icing.  When we make cookies here next week my kitchen will be a disaster.  I love doing it, but we go crazy with sprinkles everywhere.  Saturday each kid made several cookies and decorated it to their approval.  Then some packed them up for home and others like Mary Kate licked theirs clean.  There was even a special guest of Mrs. Claus at the party.  She mingled with the kids, helped with cookies, and played with them.  After Mary Kate's traumatic experience with Santa the night before it took her a little while to warm up to her.
Max concentrating on his cookie
Andrew and Mary Kate
Charlotte and Isabella

Maddie loving the icing
Trevor and Sarah Grace
Now that is a bunch of kids to brave cookie decorating with
Mary Kate and Mrs Claus

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