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Santa's Lap

December 9, 2011
I don't usually purchase the CD of photos with Santa, but Mary Kate made that irresistible this year.  Max did a great job and talked to Santa about his list and his elf Milo that is visiting out house.  Mary Kate was a different story.  She was telling us "no, no, no" before we even got close to Santa.  Then the tears started when she realized I wasn't going to give up.  The photographer got ready and I literally began peeling her off my shoulder and tossing her onto the seat.  From the look on Santa's face, I don't think he was comfortable with the situation.  I was!!  Mean Mommy.  Since there was no line in the middle of the day.  The guy taking the pictures kept shooting until we got what we wanted. . . . and we did.  I can't wait to show this to here as a teenager.

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