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Parsons Thanksgiving

November 26, 2011
Saturday we celebrated with the Parsons family .  We usually do this at our house, but this year we changed it up.  In the past year Aunt Linda and Uncle Tony have purchased some land in Murfreesboro.  The land has a building on it and lots of room to play.  We had a fabulous dinner in the building and then played around the farm.  The kids (and adults) enjoyed riding the go cart and driving the tractor around the area.  Then the men pulled out their guns and bows for some target practice.  Max went nuts and go right in on all the fun.  He loved shooting!!  It was sad to not have Bull with us on our new endeavor as a family, but he is just too weak to get out.  We are so blessed to have been given so many years with Bull.  Now we need to plan his big 90th party for February!!

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