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Hunting with the Unks

December 8, 2011
Today was Max's day!  I think it was one of his most exciting days in his little 5 years.  Josh called him on Tuesday and asked him to come spend some time with him and Jon.  We met Josh on Wednesday night and Max headed to the 'Boro to spend the night.  Then early early Thursday morning they headed to the Farm to hunt.  They were looking for deer, but Max says "We saw three, but Unk P and Unk Jon scared them away."  While I spent they morning at work hanging on each test message that came, they huddled together in the woods and watched quietly.  They didn't have any luck, but Max made some long lasting memories.  They sat in the stand, ate snacks, and then did some target practice later in the morning.  Max was pumped that he hit the cup with the 22.  He is really getting into the hunting past time.  I am so glad he can share this with my brothers.  I am anxious to see what happens when they finally kill an animal.

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