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Happy Birthday JAY!

October 18, 2008

Many of you are questioning, "Happy Birthday JAY?" Now you are saying, "Jay's birthday isn't until the 22nd." Well, yes, you are right . . . technically . . . but not when a 2 year old lives in the house and there are presents wrapped on the kitchen table. Once Max saw the presents on Saturday morning, waiting until the 22nd was not going to be an option. Max just knew for sure it was Daddy's Birthday Party Day. While Jay and Max went to the local high school football game on Friday night, I pulled out all my birthday decorations. I come from a family where we believe that our birthday lasts for like a month. So trying to be fair and make Jay feel as special as he is to us . . . . I decided to decorate for him so he could have . . . like . . . a week. After Max noticed the presents he saw all the balloons and banners around the house. We then listened for about 2 hrs while he questioned when we going to have "Daddy's Happy Birthday presents." While I cooked our big Saturday breakfast, we quickly gave in and Jay got to open all his gifts from us. Well . . . Jay didn't quite open them . . . Max opened them . . . all.
We finished up the day with a dinner party at Cock-of-the-Walk downtown with Jay's family. It was good fried pickles, fried onion rings, fried hush puppies, fried french fries, and fried catfish. Did I say that is was ALL fried . . . but yummy to the last bite. We topped all that healthy food off with a giant 16 " birthday cookie from The Cookie Store. Jay's "birthday" was great!

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MomofJack said...

I can't wait for those kind of birthdays! I have a card for Jay, so he'll have something to "open" on the real day. :)

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