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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Here are 2 quick snap shots of Max when he is fresh, clean, and in a good mood today. Of coarse these are before we drag him all over town to visit, treat or treat on the square, and then home for a party here tonight! For those of you behind on your cartoon Disney movies . . . . Max is Simba from the Lion King. More pics and details to come in the following days!!
PS: Carter and Emerson: Handy Manny taught us about "Dia de los Muertos" this morning!!! Have a good day in Mexico! Max says "GRRRRR!" like Simba, that means hello in lion . . . I think! Love you!

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Amanda Cooper said...

You are the most handsome Timba I have ever seen!! Have a great time tonight. Love you all.

Go Flames
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