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The Beginning

October 6, 2008:

Where to start? I guess the logical answer would be the beginning . . . . where is that?

Jay and I go waaayyy back to our childhoods. We began this journey as classmates in the first grade and continued on as classmates for many years (until we graduated college). We became close friends and then boyfriend/girlfriend as we entered high school. That bond would never change as we stayed together through out high school and into college. In high school I enjoyed being Jay's cheerleader as he was the kicker for the football team. Jay left town to attend Liberty University as their starting placekicker. I stayed in town to attend a Community College. As freshmen again we bumped up our status and were engaged. We were married after both our sophomore years in college. Then I transferred to the nursing dept at Liberty University where Jay was majoring in business marketing. During our college years we were coaches for a local all-star cheerleading program filled with great gals and wonderful parents. Jay and I both went on to graduate from LU and then we made the big move back home where our families and friends lived. Two years after moving back home God has blessed us with a little boy. Jay currently works at the corporate office of Servpro Industries, Inc while I am a Outpatient Surgery RN at a local hospital. Now we continue on . . . . .

Two hearts, one dream . . . . . just another day in paradise.

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