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God's Fall Beauty

October 23-26, 2008
Gatlinburg 1 of 3

Wow! Whoa! Look! Yippee! Those are only mild words to describe our family trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge this weekend. We got to be present and watch God's power as he turned the season to fall. As we traveled and arrived in East Tennessee the trees and colors were still mostly green, but by the time we traveled again on Sunday things were much different. God had reached down with his mighty brushstrokes and turned the colors to beautiful hues. We witnessed the deepest reds, brightest yellows, calming greens, and volunteer-est oranges I have seen in many falls. I don't have pictures of them because you can't capture that brilliance on .jpg. No matter how many different angles I try, settings I change, or brightness adjustments I make you can't capture the magnitude of God's "natural" beauty. I have tried at the Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe Mountains, Caribbean, and everywhere in between. I think God meant for these experiences to only be for the naked eye and true soul of a person. You have to be there in the moment, taking in the gasp and awe to see the true picture. It was done for me by him. Whoa! Big concept for my small mind. With the leaves beginning to fall we continued our journey of falling in love with the "works of his hands" and each other. Thursday, when we arrived we found our "new little house" as Max called it. It was a cozy little cabin of 1 room. It worked great for us with its one bed, tv, fridge, and bathroom. As little time as we were in the cabin, it more than met our needs.
We took an adventure up the mountain to Ober Gatlinburg to let Max experience the Alpine Slide. It was lots of fun and Jay won both times. Max said "Go faster, go faster!" Max did good on the chair lift between us. Maybe it is getting close to time to attempt it with skis. I don't know though, it would still be quite a jump up onto the seat and off the seat as he exited. We'll see, he is getting there.

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