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Pumpkin Patch

October 11, 2008

Today was Max's first trip to the pumpkin patch. He was so excited about something that he had really had no idea of where he was going. We planned the trip with our neighbors who have 2 boys and a girl. Max has fallen in love with their four year old daughter who he calls "sister". She rode with us on the trip through the woods to find a road that existed only in GPS land. The woman on the GPS along with Max and Sister in the back seat kept telling us to "Turn Left," but the problem was that there was only a field to our left . . . no road. It was frustrating, but hilarious as everyone in the car was chiming in on "Make a U turn," "Turn left," "Recalculating." Go ahead and laugh . . . you know you have all been there. Well, finally we got to the patch, check it out at
It was a great day! When we first arrived we went through a corn maze filled with eco-go green questions aimed at the kids. Then maze lead you into the play areas. Next up was a "corn box", yeah, exactly a huge box filled with corn for them to play. Max opted to throw the corn around. The TN Twister was next. If you have ever been to a haunted house you have been in one. It is the bridge type thingy with the huge revolving walls that makes you feel like leaning to stand up. We all liked this room. The kids (and adults) got to feed the animals at the petting zoo. Max grabbed a handful of grass and just shoved his arm at the donkey through the fence. Next thing I know the donkey is eating handful after handful of grass from my giggling 2 year old. He will now tell you that "that horse bite my finger." Not really, just a nibble followed by his giggle.

They played on all kinds of homemade yard equipment with huge slides. These slides worked as megaphones while the kids stood at the top deciding who was going first and with whom. We loved seeing them work together and the older boys talking care of the two little ones. While playing we noticed that they were getting ready to start the pig races. We got to see several rounds of famous pigs such as Paris Squealton, Tim McHog, and Miss Piggy run the race for an Oreo treat.
After the races we noticed the hayride on a huge trailer, so we went and loaded on to it. Unbeknown to us the hayride took its riders back to the Johnny Cash 5 acre Corn Maze. So of course when the tractor stopped we all hopped off the conquer the maze. The boys helped us figure out our plan before entering the maze. All was going great until at the far end of the maze Max announces that (yes) "I needa poop." So off Jay and Max go into the stalks of corn to find and "private" location to poop. It was a success and off we went finishing the maze. Don't you love potty training? Finally after we rode the hayride back to camp, we all picked out "baby pumpkins" and headed off stinky, sweaty, and hungry looking for somewhere to eat dinner. It was a fabulous day and I can't wait to do it again next fall.

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