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Pigeon Forge Fun

October 23-26, 2008
Gatlinburg 2 of 3
On Saturday we spent most of the day playing since we couldn't on Friday due to the rain. I think we all three had a ton of fun. Max got to ride go carts for the first time. The required height was 36 inches and he is exactly 36 inches. As you can see he looked tiny ("NO, me big mommy!") in the passenger seat. He squealed and grinned from cheek to cheek the entire ride. He rode first with Jay and then with me.

After go carts we went shopping for a little while and then back to the cozy cabin for a nap. Feeling all refreshed we went back to the rides. Jay and I got to take turns on the kiddie rides because kidos had to be 5 to ride alone. I choose to ride my favorite the spinning hot air balloon. They are similar to the teacups but they are suspended and tilt. I have to admit that I think that I like them more than Max.Jay was thrilled to ride the purple dinosaur with Max. It went round and round while Max pulled the lever to go up and down. They also rode the teacups together. Jay spun them so fast that they both got really dizzy.Max rode the swings all alone like a big boy! I don't think he was too excited about them. He didn't choose to ride them again with his last few tickets. After riding the kiddie rides we decided to go back to Gatlinburg for dinner. During the weekend we rode the trolley car many times. So, we went to ride the trolley car to Gatlinburg one last time on Saturday evening. We went to eat dinner, visit the candy store, and Karamelcorn store for Bid Daddy. With big full bellies we rode the trolley back and went to our "new little house" as Max called it. We had a tremendous time all weekend. It is great to be able to spend fun frivolous time with my guys. We had no where to be, no plans, and nothing that had to be done. Simply it was relaxing and recharging family time.

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