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Cookie Party

December 23, 2010

We had our cookie party before Christmas to make lots of good treats.  The kids loved making their own personal cookies for Santa.  It was a real mess, but they all got to ice, sprinkle, and draw on their cookies to their hearts content.  Abby, Amanda, and I kept it together some how or another, but our kids had fun and that is what matters.  Lots of special Christmas Memories.  I am beginning to see that FFMs (Fun Family Moments) sometimes look different from the parent end of the deal!
Abby, Emerson, Carter, & Kayla

Emerson, Abby, Jack, Max, Tristan, & Amanda

Jack, Tristan, & Max

Kayla, Emerson, & Jack
Sawyer & Mary Kate

Jack, Tristan, Amanda, & Max

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