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Feeding the Ducks

January 15, 2011

Saturday was our day to keep promises.  I made a deal with Max this week that if he went school with no problems all 3 days he could pick a surprise.  He still crys at least 1-2 days a week when Jay drops him off at pre-school.  Since my Mom was going to be taking him this week I wanted him to do good . . . . so I bribed him!  His first choice of a surprise was that he wanted a parade.  I didn't really understand this wish and couldn't get a clear answer of if he wanted to be in a parade or go to one.  Anyways, there aren't many parades in January so we moved on to another wish.  The second wish was to go feed the ducks.  This is a fun pasttime that Max loves. He held up his end of the deal with only tearing up at school.  He didn't throw any big fits that I heard about from Bebe.  (She would never tell a story would she?  Hummm.) Anyways,  I kept my end of the deal and off we went to feed the ducks.  We took a whole loaf of bread and Daddy and Mary Kate with us.  It is impressive to see how many ducks are still at the lake's edge this time of the year.  Max was worried about the geese because one bit his finger last summer.  But like I expected there were no geese there due to the time of the year.  He had a big time tearing up the bread and tossing it to them.  Mary Kate even got in on it and was taking pieces from me and throwing it over the edge.  They were both too cute.  I love these childhood moments with my kid-os even if if was freezing cold.  Well, we will see what special bribe this week brings!!!  It is a big week here in our house . . .  Mary Kate turns ONE this week!!  Ahhh!

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