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The Week

January 4, 2011

With the coming of the new year Max started back at his swim class.  During the holidays he asked many times about when he would go back to swim school.  Since it sounded like he was still interested we signed him up for the next swim semester.  He did great on his first night back.  He looked like he hadn't even missed the last session of 2010.  We were very proud of him and he was happy with himself.  This past week at class his teacher pulled me aside and questioned me about a different class.  YAY Max!  Once again, he is moving up.  This week he will start his first lap class with the older boys.  He is super excited about his advancement into another class.  When we got in the car he had to call his Daddy and both sets of grandparents.  Fingers crossed that it is not too big of a jump from his class, but I'm sure he will see the motivation of the older boys and do great.

January 11, 2011

With the snow this week, Max has enjoyed some time outdoors.  I snapped a few pictures of him on the "jumpoline" after school.  He loves the way the snow bounces as he jumps.  Mary Kate wasn't too excited about the cold or wet.  She wanted to be picked back up when I sat her down on the deck.

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