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Garth Brooks

December 22, 2010

On Wednesday night we got our turn to go to the Garth Concerts that had taken over Nashville. Garth planned on doing one show for flood relief, but because so many people went nuts-o over tickets he added more and more shows on to the schedule.  It was stated that he was going to add shows until the tickets stopped selling. The money raised went to the people of Nashville who were affected by all the flooding in the spring.  The mayor reported at our concert (the last of 9 concerts) that the expected economic impact of the series was close to $15 million for the city.  Un-be-liev-able!  It was one of the best concerts I have been to.  The crowd sang along to every song he sang.  Many times during the night he would just play a single cord and the crowd would start the song and carry it all the way through.  Crazy!  We loved the concert and the night out with some of our closest friends.
Crowds blocking the roads

Shannon, Jess, and Abby

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