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Polar Express

December 4, 2010

Saturday was Max's annual Polar Express Ride.  Bebe and Big Daddy have made this trip a yearly one that he looks forward to each Christmas Season.  It is a fun day for him and my parents.  I think they both look forward to it with equal anticipation.  This year Mary Kate got to go for the first time.  They both got to see and talk to Santa about their wishes for Christmas.  Max met an elf that obviously grew very fond of him.  That elf keeps showing up at our house and dropping off small gifts and notes for the kids.  Max gets so excited when he discovers that Milo has brought another treat.  He even brought a book that told about him and how he returns to Santa to give him reports on behavior at night.  I am so glad that Max met an elf that is now coming to visit.  It has made this Christmas season even more fun.  I wonder who Max will meet next year on the Polar Express.

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