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mKate's FIRST Birthday at Home

January 22, 2011

Well, Mary Kate's first birthday was nothing liked I had planned, but we made the best of it.  She had a bad cold last week and we had been treating her symptoms as they arose.  On Thursday she took a turn and spiked a high fever.  Jay took her to the peditrician after I begged them to stay open until he arrived.  (The snow had already accumulated by 4pm on Thursday and they were closing.)  The office was glad we came in once they laid their eyes on her.  She was hacking, coughing, choking on the coughs, high fever, and "limp as a dishrag."  They quickly gave her some attention and she was diagnosed with the FLU.  Ahhh!  We can't have the flu this weekend, it's her birthday, her first birthday, pictures, dinner, her party and the circus . . . not the flu . . . my whining did no good the test was postive . . . even with her flu vaccine.  So . . . we called everyone invited to her Pancake Party for Saturday and cancelled.  On Friday, Jay woke up with a sore throat and was home by lunch with a fever.  He went to the doctor that afternoon and got a positive strep test.  What?  It's birthday weekend and we have strep throat and flu in the house, GRE-AT! So we then sold our circus tickets with my lip rolled out and pouting like my 4yr old and prepared for a weekend at home.  No one was even going to want to see us for her birthday, much less celebrate with us.  So sad.  We made the most of it and rented movies and cooked up some really great meals.  We have gotten lots of snuggle time and rest time in for all four of us.  Tonight we had a great soft dinner for Jay's throat and then had our own family party for our princess.  We made cupcakes yesterday and enjoyed them with ice cream after dinner.  Mary Kate loved the attention and the presents.  Max and I snuck out this afternoon to shop for her so that she would have some to open on her day.  She was really impressed and loved us all cheering for her.  So, Happy First Birthday my little Kat-e-bug!  You will get your party in a few weeks and we will all sing again.  Until then, please enjoy the pictures and videos of our private party tonight.  Thanks for everyone's prayers and wishes for her.
She loved that they were all hers!

Her very own picnic basket  to put her "collections" in

She kept leaning down and trying to kiss the cupcake

We even got a few cmiles tonight!

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clay and amanda said...

she is even precious when she's sick...proud of you for getting a party together even when it was easier just to hangout at home and do nothing. hugs and kisses to you all.

love you guys....amanda

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