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Big Boy Bike

June 21, 2011
Tonight Max received his birthday present from Bebe and Big Daddy (Jessica's parents).  He was so excited and surprised that he just repeated himself all night, "Thank you Bebe and Big Daddy, Thank You."  He has been riding without training wheels since he was three, but he was on a tiny 12" bike.  He has since outgrown that one and needed a new one.  He told his grandparents that he wanted a new bike for a big boy.  Now he has an 18" bike and he looks like a BIG boy on it.  He rides it great and has no balance problems.  He has learned how to slow down and lean to get off of it.  He is still learning how to climb up on it. Hopefully we won't have any major wrecks!   Yay!  Let the 5th Birthday Festivities begin!!

Five Years Old

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