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Kings Island Day Three

June 15, 2011
Our third and final day at the park again started off as the park opened.  It is neat to be there at that point because I never knew they sang the National Anthem before anyone is allowed into park.  It is just like going to a ballgame.  All the characters are also there together and available for pictures.  We got pictures with Snoopy and Linus. 

Since the rest of our group slept in a little bit, we took off with the little ones.  Max and Tristan were pumped to be in the kiddie park as it opened.  We even had to wait on a few rides to get going.  There were no lines so they let me stay on and keep switching off with the boys.  It was great!
Tristan, Jay, and Max

Jess and Max
By mid morning the overcast day had turned into a rainy day and numerous of the big rides were closed.  We attempted to stay dry by watching the Charlie Brown Pirate Show.  Trace volunteered to come on stage and help mop the deck.  He was too cute!

The rain is coming down!
After the show we headed over to a store and stocked up on ponchos for everyone.  Grandma was freezing and she opted for a sweatshirt and umbrella.  As the rain continued to fall more and more of our group bought sweatshirts. 
Our Wednesday deal of the day was cheap tickets again.  The Skycoaster at the back of the park was offering $5 tickets early in morning.  This was a savings of $20  a ticket again.  We were all excited and everyone tall enough rode again.  Kayla was hilarious as she was so nervous!
Jessica, Tristan, and Max
Gotta love the rain!  Max and Tristan's height required for adults to ride some of the rides with them.  So Jay and I took turns getting drenched in the rain.  The ponchos were not alot of help once the wind on the ride blew your hat off and the bottom of the poncho up off your legs.  Oh well, the kids thought it was great!
Our drowned little rats

Unk EEE even found a sweatshirt to keep mKate warm

Tristan and Max during a brief rain break

Last ride of the week!
Even with the rain, we all had a blast at Kings Island.  The rides were just as awesome as they always have been and I love seeing the kids have such a good time. 

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