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Memorial Day BBQ

May 28, 2011
Dad's BBQ was another success this year.  The attendance was a little bit down, but those of us there still had a great time.  Dad did his usual chicken breats, pork shoulders, and pork butts.  Mmmm Mmmm!  It was all really good.  We look forward to this weekend every year.  The kids love playing in Big Daddy's yard and creek, and we enjoy the family time and YUMMY food.
Everyone helped with shredding the meat and packaging it.

Dad tending his meat!

Cousins in the Creek:  Max, Tristan, and Kayla

Mike, Barbara, and Jay chopping some more meat

Nanny and her sister, Louise

Aunt Linda with several of her grandchildren:  Zak, Alaina, Abby, Sara, and Nathan

Josie with little brother, Todd

Good Eats!

Kelley Girls:  Kayla and Mary Kate

Uncle Tony, Mark, and Bull

Kelley Crew:  Jay, Dianne, Cheri, Lee, Chris, and Ty

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