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Middlesboro, KY Tourists

June 11, 2011
Jay's family is from Middlesboro, KY and recently we traveled there for a cousin's wedding.  While we were in town we took advantage of some spare time.  Jay's parents took the grandkids (and us) to see the sights.  We hiked up to the Pinnacle that overlooks the town.  We also went over to an area with a spring and let the kids all play in the water and on the rocks.  They loved the freedom, but were quickly chilled by the cold water.  Nearby is also an train tunnel through the mountains.  It is amazing how only a few yards into the tunnel and the world turns pitch black.  It was fun to take the kids to all the neat places and let them discover it.  They were amazed that Grandma and Pawpaw used to live and play here.
The Pinnacle Overlook

Mary Kate and her Pawpaw

Jess and Max

Jay and Mary Kate

Gotta climb on everything

Sweet Siblings

At the Iron Furnace climbing up the spring

The water was COLD

The train tunnel under the mountain

What a crew!

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