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Kings Island Day One

June 13, 2011
On Monday we spent our first of many days at Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio.  We were "Kelley Party of 13" and yes the adults were out numbered by one.  7 kids ranging from 11yrs to 16mo old and 6 adults to keep up with them.  It was a blast chasing them all over the park.  We took turns riding little kid rides, everybody rides, and big kid rides.  I think the kids handled the waiting and turn taking better then the adults at some points during the week.  They were a well behaved group for as fast as we kept them moving. 

Can you handle this crew?
 Every morning we boarded the resort shuttle bus to head over to the park.  This is a picture of the crew waiting for the bus.  They were so excited they were giddy.  (Even mKate, and she had no idea what was in store!)
Mary Kate says "Whheeee"
Mary Kate loved riding the carousel.  She was lean back like the horse was really taking off and squeal as it went around.  As the week progressed, she learned where it was and would point and pull you toward the carousel if we approached it.  She also enjoyed riding the little cars with Kayla.  It was a hoot to watch her face as she thought she was really driving.
My Max
Max was literally a really big boy this week.  Kings Island has a banding program where the kids are measured and armband with appropriate colors and heights.  He only measured 42" when we first entered the park and was issued a pink armband.  We knew this wasn't  going to fly because he needed to be able to ride what Tristan (his taller cousin)  was going to ride.  So we turned the corner and tried his Unk P's trick from Opryland back in the day.  Josh (Unk P) was always shorter than Jon and I so he had a growth plan overtime he thought he would be measured.  He carried washcloths with him and would stuff them in his heels and instantly grow a few inches.  We pulled the trick with a stack of napkins.  We ripped off the armband and had Max remeasured at the next station.  After his heel implants and a few lessons on standing tall . . . walaahh....Max got a green 44" armband and was set to go!
mKate and Cheri

Loving the train ride
Grandma and I took turns taking Mary Kate on the kiddie train.  She enjoyed waving to Pawpaw as we would pass by him at the fence.  She was such a joy to have with us.  I think she only rode 3 or 4 things all week, but she was just as happy to be in the stroller giggling at all her cousins.  What a blessing she is to our lives!
Jacob and Trace waiting in line

Ashton and Pawpaw riding the "yellow roller coster"
The "yellow coaster" was in the kiddie park and everyone could ride.  I think we rode it the most over the course of our days.  It was lots of fun as it dangled your feet like the old "Hangman" that many of us are accustomed to riding.  Max loved as it flipped and swirled through the air.
Kayla and Jacob
As the kids began to wear down during the day they all took turns in the stroller.  Many times we had to chase them out of it so that Mary Kate could sit down.  At other times we just pushed it with 4 or 5 kids stacked in!
Pawpaw is "resting those toes"
This picture is classic! She loves for her Pawpaw to take off her shoes and rub her feet.  He calls is "rest them toes, rest them toes" and all the kids just laugh as he does it.  Mary Kate is just now learning how to enjoy it.  She will walk up to him and point at her feet.  Instantly he will snatch her up and "rest them toes".  Too cute!  Wish I could of rested my toes by the end of the days at the park.  Woo Wee!

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