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Big Girl Bed

August 18, 2012
Disclaimer: This is a very late entry into the blog due to the big heart surgery. I felt it was more important to update everyone on our current issue and prayer requests regarding my heart. This blog and a few others got left out in the chaos. Now they are here, better late than never!
Mary Kate moved up to a big girl bed right before my news of heart surgery.  She wanted a bed like "Bubby's bed" and not her "baby bed" anymore.  Jay converted the crib to the double bed.  Luckily we found a bed set that perfectly matches the stripes on her wall.  She is very proud of her bed and has slept in it every night.  She doesn't get up and roam around and she stays in it without coming to our bed.  Yay, Mary Kate!!  She is funny because she will not let Max sleep with her.  Max has asked and begged several times to sleep in her bed with her.  Mary Kate throws a fit and makes him go back to his room.  Poor Bubby.

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