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Starting Gymnastics

October 17, 2012 
Gindy and I have been talking about starting our girls in gymnastics or dance for several months now.  We had planned on registering them the first of September.  As we all know my heart hiccup rearranged all our plans for the fall.  Gindy and Kerrigan went ahead and started the class, but we held off until I felt better and was able to attend.  I finally felt like getting her involved last week.  We met Kerrigan at her class time and got Mary Kate all signed up.  She was shy during the beginning of class and wanted me to sit with her.  She slowly warmed up and after a few minutes she was back to her independent self.  She loves doing her forward rolls down the cheese wedge mat and hanging from the bars.  I hope she continues to enjoy the class so that we can have many years of tumbling. 


Mary Kate, Kerrigan, and Madelyn


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