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Music City Mud Run

August 18, 2012
Disclaimer:  This is a very late entry into the blog due to the big heart surgery.  I felt it was more important to update everyone on our current issue and prayer requests regarding my heart.  This blog and a few others got left out in the chaos.  Now they are here, better late than never!
Jay, Max, and I ran in the Music City Mud Run the weekend before my unexpected diagnoses concerning my heart.  We had a blast!  This was Max's first run so he was extremely excited.  He had trained with us running in the neighborhood.  He was pumped and ready to go.  He raced in the kid run that was ages 5-12. 

Jay and I ran before the kid run.  It was a nice run with perfect weather because it wasn't too hot.  Our race time was first thing in morning so the obstacles weren't too nasty yet.  We ran through the woods and fields down close to the Cumberland River.  We encountered lots of fun obstacles like fences to go over and under, hay bales to climb, and mud pits.  I especially liked this pit because I got ahead of Jay and dunked him.

After the race we rinsed off in the cold shower that was provided by a fire hose and river water.

The best part of the day was Max's kid run.  Being competitive, I had pep talked him on the way to the race.  Jay and I talked about how fast he was going to have to run.  Then being a caring Mom I tried to talk reality to him about being the youngest of the age bracket.  I told him that there would be lots of kids and that he just needed to do his best.  I gently assured him that there would be much older kids that would probably be faster than him.  He understood, but shocked this Mommy at race time.  Jay and I were waiting at a tun in the race and when the kids came down the field Max was leading.  We go so excited and started yelling and screaming for him like crazy.  The Miller Family was there to watch Max so they went nuts too.  Quinton ran beside Max down the next stretch encouraging him to keep going.  He was so tired when he got to the mud pit, but we all kept screaming.  By the time he crossed the finish line in first place I thought he was going to pass out.  It was so much fun to see him blow the competition away.  We were all so proud of his success at his first race.  We all had lots of fun and cannot wait to race together again.

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