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Parsons Thanksgiving

November 24, 2012
Again this year we enjoyed Thanksgiving at Uncle Tony and Aunt Linda's Farm.  It was definitely cold this year, but we all still had a great time.  The men enjoyed some time at the gun range.  The women enjoyed to warmth of the barn or the fire.  The kids had fun riding the go cart, golf cart, and power wheels.  We all filled our bellies with some great turkey and all the fixins.  Then we played a great game of Minute to Win It.  It was wonderful to relax and laugh together after our stressful fall.  Our family endured a lot this year as we faced my scary heart surgery and lost our grandfathers.  It was a time to be extra thankful for the bond we have as a family.
The Parsons Gun Range

Dad, Jon, Jay, and Josh

Max loves to shoot the guns!

Time to EAT!

Birthday cake for the October birthdays in the Parsons Family

Bebe and Mary Kate

Buckethead:  Each team must bounce three balls into the can on one partner's head

Face the Cookie:  One team member must move a cookie from their forehead and into their mouth without using their hands.

Bobblehead:  One team member must obtain 125 steps on a pedometer while bobbing their head

Hanky Panky:  One team member must remove all tissues from a box using only one hand

Elephant March:  One team member must use their elephant trunk made of panty hose and tennis balls to knock over a row of cups on the floor.

Junk in the Trunk:  A team member must shake 7 balls from a tissue box attached to their backside with a belt

Suck it Up:  Each team member must transfer one of each color skittles onto their plate using on the suction of a straw and their mouths

This Blows:  Each team must use the air from a balloon they blew up to knock all their fifteen cups from the table

Defying Gravity:  Team members must keep a balloon in the air without using hands or feet

And the winner is Josh and Zak . . . but wait . . . confessions after the game revealed that the scoreboard was tampered with . . . Josie and Uncle Tony actually completed all the tasks!  Congrats!

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