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Kindergarten Field Trip

November 16, 2012
On Friday Jay and I attended Max's first field trip.  We went to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro.  Since my brother Jon wasn't on shift that day, he agreed to take Mary Kate while we did the field trip.  She had a great time visiting the Volunteer Fire Dept that Jon works at on his off days for Murfreesboro Fire.  Then Jon and Josie took her shopping.  She told me that they went and got new lipstick (one of her favs right now).  Jon laughed because he said as soon as they went into Target she pointed out the popcorn and blue slushies.  Lol.  No, I never get them that, Uncle Jon, I don't know what you are talking about!  Hahaha.  My kids definitely know their routines, even when it comes to shopping at Target.

After dropping off Mary Kate we headed over to the Discovery Center to meet the buses of Kindergartners as they rolled into town.  They were all so cute as they piled off the buses.  Since their school doesn't have busing this was most of the kids first time on a bus.  They were all excited about the ride and the upcoming day.  The center had all kinds of learning stations that the kids could get their hands on stuff to see how it worked.

The first room was full of fossils.  Hannah and Max dug through their box and compared it to the pictures on the information sheet.

In the next room we got to learn about and pet several types of animals.  Mrs. Miller liked touching the hedgehog.  It was funny the way it flinched each time someone touched it.  When it flinched it made all of us jump.

Another room was a learning experience with a screech owl.  He was a little fellow with big eyes.  Max was pretending to be an owl when I snapped this picture.

Once outside the kids all stopped and posed for a group photo.  Our next station was learning about pond animals.  The instructor had a corn snake for the kids to pet and multiple other water creatures.  Then she gave us each a net to catch tadpoles and fish in the pond area around the center.

Ella, Max, and Nate taking a break for lunch

Claire, CallieBeth, Talan, and Nate looking in the pond

Baylor, Max, and Will Barrett playing in the water tables

Mckenna and Jennifer riding the bike

Max dressing up like his MFD uncles

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