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Atlanta Trip Day Four

July 7, 2012
After our day full of fun at Stone Mountain Park we reconnected with some more LU friends.  We drove north and stopped at some very special friends' house.  Matt played all four years on the football team at LU with Jay.  His wife, Casey, became one of my best friends when I moved to Lynchburg.  Casey's dad was a coach on the team so she was very involved just like me.  We met watching practice in August and were pretty much inseparable.  We loved traveling to the games together and just hanging out.  Casey had her eyes on Matt after just a few interactions with him.  It took Matt a little while to notice, but once he did he never looked anywhere else. They were married a few years after we graduated.  Actually, it was Max's first road trip.  He wasn't even 2 weeks old when we went to the wedding in AL.   
We arrived at their house Friday night at about midnight, but we were all so excited we stayed up for hours talking.  We also got the opportunity to see another old friend.  Josh also played football with the guys at LU.  He was in town for a wedding, but came to Matt and Casey's for the night to hang out with all of us.  Josh was also one of Jay's best friends while at LU.  Since he is from LA and unable to go home as often as us; he made many trips home with Jay for the weekend.  All three of these friends met our families and became a real part of our lives during our times together at LU.  The reconnections we made on this trip were so crucial to us.  Each person we met up with made lasting impressions on our lives.  We all found each other in the strange times that college brings into your life.  I believe we made bonds that will last forever,  Being with everyone again also reminded me to live outside my little bubble at home.  We have very special friends that may not be in our everyday lives, but care and love us just the same.  God reminded us of these friendships by helping make it possible for us to see each of them on the trip.  We are so blessed with friends here at home and friends far away.  Each of our friends play a special part in our lives that help shape and mold us.

Our trip came to a close after spending the morning with Matt, Casey, and Josh. We ate breakfast and talked through friends, family, and events that had happened in the past few years. It was sad for our time together to come to an end, but everyone had to get on their way.  I just don't think I can say it enough . . . but we are so blessed.

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