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It's a Parsons Girl!

July 29, 2012
We are thrilled to announce that Josh and Holly's baby is going to be a GIRL!!  They shared the news that they were expecting with us on Memorial Day Weekend.  We have been looking forward to the gender reveal since then.  Mom was able to get them in her office and take a peek last week.  She discovered it would be a princess and then kept it a secret until the Reveal Party.  Josh and Holly didn't even want to know until the party.  Mom held up her end of the deal and kept her mouth closed, but Josh and Holly showed me the ultrasound pictures a few days early.

Since I have looked at a few ultrasounds I was taken by surprise when this was in the stack.  Oh my goodness . . . I flipped out . . . it is a GIRL! . . . and they have no idea they are holding the answer in their hands.  Silly lil Brother!  OH I was so estactic for them, but I kept my cool and Josh explained that this was a picture of "its" legs.  HaHaHa.  So Cute! 

On Sunday my family and Holly's family had an afternoon together to find out what they were having.  Holly had the house all decorated with bumblebees and the title of "What's it Gonna Bee?"  She also had lots of cute pictures of the two of them as babies and toddlers.  We each had to pick a hairbow or a bowtie to pin to our shirt.   Whatever you picked was what you personally thought of the baby's gender.  Max picked a bowtie and Jay, Mary Kate, and I each picked a hairbow.  Max really wanted it to be twins.  He wanted a girl for Mary Kate and a boy for him.  He is so sweet and thoughtful, but I think Josh and Holly would haved freaked out if it were twins.  When it was time for the reveal Mom gave them a gift.  Inside the gift was a frame matted in pink girly decor that said 'sweetheart'.  She had also put several of the ultrasounds in the frame for them to display.  Also, she handed Holly a gift box that was full of pink tissue when she opened it.  Their reactions were priceless.  Josh just grinned that Parsons grin and said he had known it all along.  Holly went crazy!  She is so elated that it is a girl.  I am pretty sure she shed a few tears while she jumped around the house.  Too cute.  I can't wait until little Charlotte Anne is here to snuggle.  It will be so much fun having more kids at Bebe and Big Daddy's house.


lavisa said...

That is so sweet!!!! Josh must be your brother. He looks a lot like you. That's a good looking couple.! They will have a beautiful baby girl:)
Love reading your blogs

Jess said...

Yes, it is one of my twin brothers. Thanks for your sweet comments. My blog is like my diary. I print it yearly like a scrapbook for my own memories.

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