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Ty's Graduation

July 19, 2012
This week we took another mini vacation to visit Ty, Shannon, Kayla, and Tristan in North Carolina.  The kids were so excited to go to their cousins' house for a few days.  It is great to be able to get away and just relax at their house.  All the kids run and play and the adults get time to talk and catch up.  The purpose of our visit was to attend Ty's Graduation from the NC Police Academy.  He has been in class since the first of the year.  He had to go through this entire process again since they moved states.  Kind of crazy if you ask me, but they didn't!  He has been in law enforcement here for years, but I guess it is a requirement to help learn all their state laws and such.  At the ceremony, Ty had the kids pin on his new badge.  They were both nervous but thrilled to get to do this for their Dad.  We are so proud of you TY!

The Kelley Grand kids:   Kayla-9, Trace-10, Max-6, Mary Kate-2, Ashton-8, and Tristan-7
The Original Five
Chris, Dianne, Lee, Shannon, & Jay

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