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Big Daddy's Boat

July 2012
Dad has been working on his boat this summer so we can get back on the lake. He was off this week so we took it out for a spin.  Mary Kate had never been on the boat and it had been a few years for Max.  We rode for a long time and enjoyed the breeze in our hair.  Mary Kate loved standing on the front of the boat as the wind blew.  After riding, we stopped and put the tube in to ride.  Max and I got on and Big Daddy took off.  As Dad started tossing us across the wake I was quickly reminded how many muscles it takes to stay on the tube.  I was on my belly and Max was on by back.  I quickly had to teach him how to lean in the curves and hold on tight over waves.  He caught on fast and we cruised for a long time.  During our tube ride, Mary Kate snuggled up with Big Daddy and went to sleep.  After a good long ride, I counted and Max and I jumped off the tube.  He was scared to abandon ship while Big Daddy was still going, but he was fine once we did it.  He saw that he will pop right back up out of the water and that it doesn't hurt to hit the water.  Big Daddy and Mary Kate got in with us and we swam for a little while.  Then we climbed back in the boat and  . . . nothing . . . nothing  . . . . that's right nothing happened.  As kids growing up we called it a  "Chip Party" when the boat was having problems and not starting.  After some paddling to show our distress a gentleman stopped and towed us over to the ramp.  Max didn't understand being broke down very much, but as we know it is just a part of boating.  Big Daddy has since fixed the boat and it is ready to go again.

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