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Sliding Rock Falls

July 20, 2012
While we were visiting Shannon and Ty we had some outdoors fun.  We did some researching and mapped out some local waterfalls.  It was a cool rainy day, but we packed up everyone anyways and headed further back into the mountains.  The first falls we went to were called "Sliding Rock."  As you can see from the pictures it was literally a sliding rock.  The water has smoothed out the falls to make a perfect water slide.  I didn't brave the cold water, but all the kids, Jay, and Lee jumped right in it.  They waited their turn and down they came.  It was nice because the National Parks Dept has built bridges and overlooks so that you can watch the fun. Shannon was able to capture some great action shots. 

and no, Mary Kate didn't ride the slide.  She stayed with Ty and I to try to keep warm and dry.

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