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River Tubing

July 21, 2012
Today's adventure at Shannon and Ty's house was river tubing.  After lots of research and calling we found a place that would be hospitable to all of us.  We made reservations and waited for the day.  It was overcast and a little sprinkle at times, but we still had a blast.  I am so glad it wasn't full on sun because we would have fried out on the river.  The river was cold mountain water, but we were able to keep most of our bodies up out of it.  We chose to head down a trip on the French Broad River.  It was an estimated four miles that lasted two hours.  I think we all had a blast.  Mary Kate was a little weary at first, but within a few minutes she was loving her independence on her tube.  Jay splashed water into it to make a little pool and she was happy.  Max and all the other kids loved riding over the little rapids and ripples. We all had a relaxing time as we maneuvered down the river.  The tubes each had a strap so that we could each connect.  We formed one big line going down the river. It only got complicated when Ty's end caught the stream and spun the line around.  Hahaha.  It was fun!  We definitely want to do this again on a return trip!

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