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Atlanta Trip Day Two

July 5, 2012

Well, Thursday Max's wish came true!  We got up and headed to the wonderful Georgia Aquarium.  The kids were both in awe.  Actually, we were all four in complete awe.  I know that we came here when Max was a baby, but it is still unbelievable.  The fish are all so close to you and the tanks are huge.  As you can see from the picture above.  This tanks that houses three whale sharks is multiple school buses deep.  We were lucky enough to be in the underwater tunnel when they feed the whale sharks.  It was amazing to see their gigantic mouths open and filter all the surface water to catch their food.  Max was at a loss for words.  Those of you who know my Max, he is never at a loss for words.  He just looked and me and giggled.  Priceless.

Mary Kate loved being anywhere the fish were above her.  She was fascinated in the tunnel and all the bubble glasses that let you feel like you were leaning into the tank.  She especially liked the penguins and the tunnel that let you stand up "inside the habitat."  We had so much fun taking our time and just exploring all the areas.  The kids also like the display where you got to pet different animals.  They had the opportunity to touch starfish, sea anemone, barnacles, stingrays, hammerhead sharks, jumbo shrimp, and more.  Some animals they liked touching and some Mary Kate did not.

After a day at the aquarium, we met up with some old friends.  Dan and Jamie were our neighbors when we lived in the townhouses in Lynchburg, VA.  Our dogs of the time, Kix and Billy, were the best of friends.  We all four went to Liberty and were very excited to see each other again.  We had not seen each other since Jay and I moved in 2004.  So eight years and five kids later here we were.  Dan and Jamie live in the Atlanta area so I  touched base with them as soon as we made vacation plans.  We met at Olympic Park to let the kids play in the fountains.  I didn't take into account the temperature in "Hotlanta" the first week of July.  To say the least, after a quick 30 minutes we had to make alternate plans.  We decided to head shopping and to eat dinner.  I had never been to an iKea so I was thrilled with Dan's idea.  We checked the bigger kids into the play area and got an opportunity to shop and catch up on each other's lives.  It was a wonderful evening and I am so thankful we got to spend time with them.  Our kids had a blast together and were too cute playing together.  We took a few minutes for photos of the next Liberty University Alumni and then a quick group photo.  We made promises to not let years pass like this again and then sadly we had to go our ways.  What a wonderful day.  Thank you Dan and Jamie!

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