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Ski Day 1: Diamond Peak

March 6, 2011

Today we started our ski adventure for the year with a new resort.  We visited Diamond Peak, NV or the first time.  We have skied lots of places here at the Lake, but never at Diamond Peak. It is on the northwest shore in a Incline Village.  Wow, it was a great decision.  We had some foggy snowy conditions this morning, but by afternoon most of it had risen.  This gave us gorgeous new views of the lake and surrounding area.  I took lots of pictures, but they just don't do God's beauty any justice.  Max loved his first day of ski school and we got good reports from his teachers.  Apparently after the morning session he was the only one in his class of three ready to move up to the next level.  So, he got a private lesson the rest of the day with another instructor.  He was totally pumped when we passed him at one point during the afternoon.  He says he is ready to ski with all of us.  I totally doubt that, so we have convinced him to finish his planned second day of class.  Then tomorrow afternoon he can ski with us. I can't wait.  I missed my little buddy today.  Little Sissy spent the day with Bebe and Logan at the house.  Bebe said she had lots of fun, but shows that she is jealous of Logan's time in Bebe's arms.  Whoops!  Anyways, what a great start to the week!
Ready to be "Too School for Cool!"
Big Daddy's classic stance
Jess and Amanda
Max practicing his pizza wedge
The Girls

My Bestie

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