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Ski Day 5: Northstar

March 11, 2011

Well, our final day of skiing was spent today at Northstar in North Lake Tahoe just south of Truckee.  It is a very up class resort with lots of village life.  Some of the resorts just have a minimal gift shop and cafe, but not Northstar.  It even has a Ritz-Carlton at the base.  There is lots to do like pottery, candle making, numerous specialty name brand shops, and many different restaurants.  There is an ice skating rink, jumpy thingies (sorry for the technical terms), and live bands.  We enjoyed passing through the village and taking a look around this morning and again after our day.  We decided we would really like it there, but it might not be the place for our bunch.  Wink, wink!
Big Daddy, Unk Jon, and Aunt Josie

Max catching a ride in the ski wagon
Our skiing weather was gorgeous today with lots of sunshine. We all wore sunscreen today, but I believe it was too late. Our lobster faces soaked up some more redness as the sun bounced off the snow. Max is a little ski bum! He was begging before we arrived at the slopes to please do a black diamond today (the highest skill level slope).  So after a few warm-ups runs we decided to bite the bullet and let him try.

Amanda, Chance, Jon, Big Daddy, Josie, & Jay

Hahaha!  Let him try!  He conquered it with no problem and no falls.  It is so funny to see such a little dude swooping down the mountain with all adults.  He was super pumped and we ran several more blacks during the day.  Sassy B even headed down the blacks today with little difficulty.  We are very proud of our two newest inductees to the diamond family!  Check out Max's video as we drops off the top into the run . . . .
Max posing next to his first black diamond run . . . Challenger

Unk Jon and Max
Family Picture with the Lake behind us, but Unk Jon didn't position us right!
Positioned correctly to see the view, Aunt Josie and Unk Jon
Max has also become a fan of the terrain park area of the mountain.  He likes the jumps a little more than his Mommy enjoys.  He races down toward the jumps almost faster than I can keep up.  I like to be right there so that I can swoop in and put him back together if needed.  He did a great job and left the snow getting air completing under his skis several times.  Even after big spills he bounced right back up to hit the next jump.  Silly Boys!  I wonder what Mary Kate will be like . . . girlie girl?  thrill seeker?  tom boy?  I guess time will tell.  Well, I need to go down and help Jay pack, next time I talk to you we will hopefully all be safe back on the ground at home.  See ya next time Lake Tahoe . . . my favorite place! 

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