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Ski Day 4: Homewood

March 9, 2011
Happy Birthday Big Daddy!!!

Today was skiing at Homewood, CA!  Yay!  This is my favorite place to ski at Lake Tahoe, well, anywhere!  As you will be able to quickly see in the pictures . . . the view is the best from Homewood.  No matter which trail you choose, you are always skiing toward the lake and beautiful views.  The weather was perfect and actually a tidge on the warm side.  Several of us shed a layer or something at lunch time.  Max successfully skied the entire mountain with us.  He flies down the greens without a worry and with a quite a bit of hot dogging.  He is constantly looking for jumps and side wood trails to buzz.  Now he has also conquered the blues with nice looking S's and a great wedge to stop with the group. You cannot tell that this is his first week on the slopes. By the end of the day, he had his own little fan club of snowboarders at the terrain park where he was attempting the jumps.  They cheered for him every time he came through the area.  Max was so excited.  Uncle Jon was very impressed by Max's skiing today.  It was Jon's first day with us because he arrived yesterday due to finals in his EMT class.  So, another super day at Tahoe, and now we are getting ready to do cake and games for Big Daddy's birthday . . .  see you later!


abby said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Wish I was celebrating with you! What a great way to ring in your 30s. Max looks adorable, I can't believe how naturally athletic that kid is! Have a good end to the vaca and call me when you get home!

Big Daddy said...

A great day of skiing! Happy Birthday Jessica.

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