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Mexican for Sully

March 26, 2011

This weekend we got together to celebrate Sully's expected arrival.  We had a great group of girls meet  at local restaurant for dinner and Sullytime.  Abby got loads of great stuff and the fellowship wasn't too bad itself.  Just Kidding!!  I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and just hanging out.  I can't wait for our little Sully Man to get here and join the party.  He has lots of older "siblings"  who want to meet him.  Watch out, Max may think he needs to move in to help Jack care for Sully.  Ok, Abby, I am waiting on a Sully Bug book review . . . can you do it?  Wasn't it great?
Gindy, Ami, and debuting in August: Bella

Abby and Alyssa
Rosie and Amanda

Abby, Jill, and Ami (Oh Jill, be careful, you are too close!)

The Girls & Jack Attack

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