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Ski Day 3: Mt. Rose

March 8, 2011

Today was an incredible day of skiing with everyone.  Max woke up refreshed and ready to go again.  After the day with us yesterday; I figured he would be with us today.  We went to "Mt. Rose, where the wind always blows."  Due to the elevation of 9700', the peak is always a very windy area.  I believe it is the highest peak on the north end of the Lake  By lunch time the wind had slowed down and the sun was shining bright.  We all have bright red cheeks tonight to vouch for the wind and sun.  Max had a fantastic day and now skis with the whole group.  He reminds me a lot of his Unk P and his skiing style.  Tips straight down and fast to the bottom.  I tried coaching him on his turns and big wide s's and he told me that it made him go too slow.  Ha ha ha, but it wore my Mommy nerves out today.  He did great and I was a nervous wreck for him most of the day.  He loves skiing and tells me that he is now better than I am.  Too funny.  By the afternoon, he was cutting through the woods on boarder trails and looking for jumps to hop over on the edges of the trails.  He looks great and Big Daddy is SO PROUD. 
View from road up to Mt. Rose
Big Daddy and Aunt Josie
Max and Jay
Max and Big Daddy
The 2011 Gang

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