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T-Ball Practice

March 26, 2011

Today was our first T-Ball practice with the team.  Max was so excited when I got home from work last night.  He was talking so fast I could barely understand him.  All I got was . . . my coach . . . tomorrow . . . Maddie . . . it was absolutely adorable.  After getting him to slow down, he told me that his coach had called, they were going to practice tomorrow if it didn't rain, Maddie was on his team, and Daddy said we had to go shopping for cleats.  So he rushed me to change and help Jay clean up the kitchen.  (Side note:  We had a huge mess when they got home due to the 2 gallon sweet tea container leaking all the tea all over the fridge and kitchen floor, minor hiccup.)  We went out for a "Max day" as he calls it when he gets to get stuff on a shopping trip and he got his pants and cleats.  Too cute! Little Bitty Baseball Booty!   Saturday afternoon couldn't come fast enough for him.  From the moment he opened his eyes he asked, "Is it one o'clock yet?  Daddy, what time is it?  How much longer until one?"  Well, the time came and it wasn't raining, so we met the team at the park and off all the Daddies and Kid-o's went onto the field.  It was fun to watch them all hit off the tee and play in the field.   At the end, the Dads decided they should run the bases.  So the pack of kids all took off at the same time from home base.  Well, as you can imagine, after turning at first several of them tripped over each other. Poor Maddie took a tumble and it took Daddy Joe to pick her up and get her going again.  They all had a great time and loved getting to play together.  It is going to be a season filled with a lot of fun and laughter.  Max can't wait until practice again this week.  Here are a few of the pictures I captured.

Max throwing the ball
Hayden getting the ball
Maddie getting a pep talk from her Daddy

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