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Travel Days

March 4 and 5, 2011

Ok, as you will notice this blog entry has LOTS of pictures.  I recently started converting my blog years into printed books like scrapbooks of our memories.  I like the idea having the tangible book to look at in future years.  As I started the adventure of converting the blogs to books I quickly realized two things:  videos don't print (duh) and Smilebox picture shows don't print.  To remedy this problem I am in the process of adding pictures back to my Smilebox entries so that some pictures will be printed with that entry.  Thus, as I go forward with blogging I plan to either just do lots of  pictures or do a combination of Smilebox and pictures.  Now that I have covered that . . . on to the week.

Friday we left out on our Big Family Trip to Lake Tahoe.  We arrived at the airport at 1:30 on Friday for our flight and finally arrived at our house in Tahoe at 5ish pm on Saturday.  Yes, over 24hrs of traveling with a party of 13, lots of fun.  Seriously . . . everyone did great.  We range in age from Logan at 2mo to Bebe (guess we shouldn't state Mom's age, no brownie points there).  Our total flight time was 8 hrs and the kids did great.  Logan and mKate were passed around and slept for a good portion of the flights.  Max and Jay played DSi and watched movies.  So, like I said the kids did good for such a long trip.  We spent the night in Reno, NV at Circus Circus before we headed over the mountains on Saturday.  We crashed as soon as we arrived to the hotel, but awoke refreshed and ready to finish the traveling.   

mKate slept the first leg of the flight on Big Daddy
Max talked non-stop (no surprise) on the way to the airport.
They both loved taking off and looking out the window
mKate hitched a ride on Daddy's suitcase

We were in no hurry on Saturday, so we spent the morning at the Circus portion of the hotel.  Max, Mary Kate, and Logan loved watching the performers and playing the games. Max spent all his "dollars" that he had been saving from chores.  He won lots of great stuffed animals to carry around with us this week.  :-) 
Circus Games
Max won 486 tickets

After several errands on our way out of Reno, we finally arrived at the house.  It had been a long two days and we were ready to be here.  The snow in the mountains is unbelievable as it always is here.  The drifts are taller than cars and houses and the scenery is gorgeous.  I just love coming over the top of the mountain and seeing the Lake surrounded by all the snow.  It is truly one of my favorite places on earth.  We are all looking forward to a great week of skiing and fun family moments.  Max is talking non-stop about ski school and all the snow.  Can't wait!!
This is the snow drift on the side of the road at the house.  Whoa!!
While shopping down by the lake, we found this cool  dragon snow sculpture

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